Silver Threads

Released April 2014
Label Nonesuch Records
Performer Mellissa Hughes, voice
Text By Kristen Kelly, Zach Savich, Tarfia Faizullah, Dora Malech, Greg Alan Brownderville
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Stabat Mater Dolorosa

(from the String Orchestra of Brooklyn’s afterimage)
Released January 2020
Label Furious Artisans
Performer The String Orchestra of Brooklyn with Mellissa Hughes, soprano, and Kate Maroney, mezzo-soprano
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Ley Line

(from Ashley Bathgate’s Ash)
Released September 2019
Label New Amsterdam Records
Performer Ashley Bathgate
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(from Sleeping Giant’s Hand Eye)
Released April 2016
Label Cedille Records
Performers Eighth Blackbird
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Pasturing II 

(on The Living Earth Show’s Dance Music)
Released October 2016
Label New Amsterdam Records
Performers The Living Earth Show, Isaiah Robinson
Text By Zach Savich
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Clifton Gates

(on Vicky Chow’s Aorta)
Released October 2016
Label New Amsterdam Records
Performer Vicky Chow
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La Plus Que Plus Que Lente

(on Kathy Supové’s The Debussy Effect)
Released October 2016
Label New Focus Recordings
Performer Kathy Supové
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